head home

by blackmailed & bereft

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I wrote this song a few years ago now, just after doing a bit of internet genealogy and finding out that though I was born in Manchester, my family name comes from Liddesdale, just over the border in Scotland. I decided that this explained why I always wanted to go to Scotland on holiday, even at the risk of my marriage. It's about wanting to be where you feel most comfortable.


even in sunshine, I can't read the road sign
I can't find a straight line on a sunny day
even in daylight, colours don't feel right
too black or too white, there's no room for gray

I think I'll head home
sooner than later
head home to where my head feels fine
head home
it's smoother and straighter
head home
and see some friends of mine

full of surprises, small compromises
elaborate disguises hide the easy way
the mirror is broken, the people have spoken
they're really not joking, makes it hard to stay

I say we head home
I don't want imitation
head home and see some friends of mine
head home - an uncertain location
head home to where my head feels fine

back home the sun is always shining
and the sky is always blue
back home the stars are realigning
and all I have to do, to make my dreams come true
is head home

one day we'll both go, back under the rainbow
move fast and stay low and we'll make it fine
I know when we get there, we'll want to be elsewhere
too much choice is a nightmare when you're working blind
gonna take my head home
feels like the right time
head home to where my head feels fine
head home
not maybe or might time
head home and see some friends of mine


released April 19, 2013
Josh Clark - percussion
Gina Griffin - 9 fiddles and scat vocal
Chris Liddle - acoustic guitars and vocals
Eoin Teather - Hammond B4
Anita Urwin - Backing vocals

Fiddle parts written and arranged by Gina Griffin
Percussion and Gina recorded by Josh Clark
Eoin's Hammond part written and recorded by Eoin Teather
Everything else recorded by Chris Liddle
Mixed & Mastered by Josh Clark at Get Real Audio
Written and produced by Chris Liddle

Josh appears courtesy of The Scoville Units and Get Real Records
Gina appears courtesy of The Quirkish Delights & The Scoville Units
Eoin appears courtesy of Skyhook, Dead by Friday and The Mulljumpers
Anita appears courtesy of Amergin and New Moonshine.

Sculpture by Kate Newlyn



all rights reserved


blackmailed & bereft Ireland

The name of the band comes from two words introduced into the english language by the Border Reivers - blackmail and bereave. The Liddles were a prominent Reiver family in the 15th/16th centuries.

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